Virtual Learning at DRI

Virtual learning is a new STEM education project at DRI.

Using real science in real time, we envision learners using DRI’s advanced monitoring networks to zoom in to collect their own data, ask their own questions, and feed their own curiosity using cutting edge technology that extends beyond what is currently available to provide a richer and more immersive educational experience. Real-time access to ecological monitoring networks, lab experiments, and field experiences are just a few of the potential topic areasDRI is currently building the capacity to open DRI’s science research to any classroom, anywhere in the world.

We are driven by the following question: 

Is there a role for virtual learning tools to broaden access to active learning for science in K-12 in Nevada?


Current project:

DRI is currently building a virtual lab for high school environmental science using data from its EcoCELL facility. Upon completion of the lab, students will be able to: interpret data communicated graphically and apply it to questions about ecology and agriculture. 

IMG 0875Seedlings germinating in DRI's EcoCELL facility for the project.

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