Guy Smith Profile Photo
Guy Smith
Assistant Research Scientist Hydrology


Groundwater modeling, integrated modeling, remote sensing, Landsat, evapotranspiration, evaporation, groundwater dependent ecosystems, hydrogeology, hydrology, drought, climate change, consumptive use, water rights


Huntington, J. L., Bromley, M., Minor, B. A., Morton, C. G., Smith, G. T. (2022). Groundwater Discharge from Phreatophyte Vegetation, Humboldt River Basin, Nevada, Division of Hydrologic Sciences, Desert Research Institute

Huntington, J. L., McGwire, K. C., Morton, C. G., Snyder, K., Peterson, S., Erickson, T., Niswonger, R., Carroll, R. W., Smith, G. T., Allen, R. (2016). Assessing the Role of Climate and Resource Management on Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Changes in Arid Environments with the Landsat Archive, Remote Sensing of Environment, 185, 186-197, 10.1016/j.rse.2016.07.004

Conference Proceedings
Hausner, M. B., McEvoy, D. J., Morton, C. G., Smith, G. T., Fesenmyer, K., Huntington, J. L. (2016). Evaluating the effect of restoration practices on riparian vegetation using remote sensing data, American Geophysical Union 2016 Fall Meeting: San Francisco, Calif., December 12, 2016-December 16, 2016, B43A-0562