Featured DRI Graduate Students

November Featured Grad - Brandon Daub

daub 1Introducing Brandon Daub, a master's degree student in Atmospheric Science. Daub is currently working with Dr. Xiaoliang Wang on a NASA project to improve fire safety on spacecrafts. He is in his first semester of the graduate program.

April Featured Grad - Christine Albano

christine albano smlIntroducing Christine Albano, a Ph.D student in Hydrologic Sciences. She is currently developing one of several decade-long climate extreme scenarios that will be fed into hydrologic models to understand potential impacts and water management options. Christine is also developing a similar scenario at the regional scale (for the Southwestern US) for the U.S. Geological Survey’s Science Applications for Risk Reduction (SAFRR) program that will be used for emergency response planning by a variety of stakeholders within the region.

March Featured Grad - Deep Sengupta

deep senguptaIntroducing Atmospheric Science Ph.D. student Deep Sengupta. Deep is a chemist who is motivated by exploring the distribution of natural organic matter in different environmental archives and develop an understanding how these organic compounds control the biogeochemical process in Earth system science.

February Featured Grad - Kathleen Rodrigues

Kathleen Rodrigues webIntroducing Kathleen Rodrigues, a Ph.D. student in Geological Sciences. Her research aims to define the geomorphic history of the Buffalo National River, and test hypotheses about the role of heterogeneous lithology in bedrock channel incision and strath terrace formation.

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