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Bruce Lipp
Assistant Research Scientist, Software Development and Programming

Grzymski, J. J., Elhanan, G., Morales Rosado, J., Smith, E., Schlauch, K. A., Read, R. W., Rowan, C., Slotnick, N., Dabe, S., Metcalf, W. J., Lipp, B. G., Reed, H. W., Sharma, L., Levin, E., Kao, J., Rashkin, M., Bowes, J., Dunaway, K., Slonim, A., Washington, N., Ferber, M., Bolze, A., Lu, J. (2020). Population genetic screening efficiently identifies carriers of autosomal dominant diseases, Nature Medicine, 26 (8), 1235-1239, 10.1038/s41591-020-0982-5

Conference Proceedings
Saftner, D. M., Arienzo, M. M., Bacon, S. N., Robtoy, E., Neveux, I., Lipp, B. G., Schlauch, K. A., Grzymski, J. J., Carbone, M. (2021). Living in a Geothermal Environment: The Impact of Geothermal and Tectonic Activity on Arsenic Concentrations in Domestic Wells in Northern Nevada and Northeastern California, USA, AGU Fall Meeting 2021: New Orleans, LA