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From our skies to the surface of the Earth to the depths of our waterways, scientists at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) have their heads in the clouds, hands in the soil and toes in the water – quite literally!  It is all in the name of science. More specifically, in their quest to solve some of the most complex issues that may impact our daily decisions and the lives of our families.

Founded in Nevada more than six decades ago, today DRI is a go-to scientific research pioneer the world over. As a non-profit educational facility, DRI counts with hundreds of scientists and faculty members who are actively looking at issues that affect us all.

Join us on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, for a complimentary, fast-paced, hour-long virtual event as four DRI Foundation Innovation Research Program (IRP) awardees dive into their respective areas of research including how a dog’s nose is helping solve crimes and recover human bodies on land and in water; how one popular household appliance could be unleashing a common pollutant into the air we breathe; and how weather and climate (no, they are not the same) have the potential to affect our water resources and plans for the future.

Fueled by their passion and paired with their deep knowledge, our award-winning scientists will share their evolving answers in real-life and easy to understand terms as they find solutions for these and other diverse topics for today and tomorrow.

Virtual Event Details

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020

Time: 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. PST

Location: Virtual event via Zoom


About the Innovation Research Program

The IRP provides the start-up funding DRI scientists need to test new ideas and produce initial data, which will help them build the scientific case for future research projects. The 2020 Innovation Research Project winners were selected through a competitive selection process. The selected projects demonstrate creative, innovative research or technological development that advances DRI’s mission.

For more information about DRI and the Foundation’s IRP projects visit: https://www.dri.edu/foundation/.

tina quigley

Moderated by

Tina Quigley
Chair, DRI Foundation

Former CEO of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

Understanding how microplastics in the environment impact freshwater systems and our air

Dr. Monica Arienzo, Assistant Research Professor
DRI Division of Hydrologic Sciences
National Science Foundation Grant Recipient

Advancing the science of canine odor detection – from criminal trials to accidental drownings

Dr. Mary E. Cablk, Associate Research Professor of Biology
DRI Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences
University of Nevada, Reno Adjunct Professor in Forensic Anthropology
Auxiliary Deputy with several county Sheriff Offices in the State of Nevada

Using the chemistry of atmospheric river snowfall to improve water resource management in the Western U.S. 

Dr. Nathan Chellman, Postdoctoral Fellow
DRI Division of Hydrologic Sciences
Author of dozens ofpublicationsin the topic of climate and related studies


Tracking snow droughts in a warmer climate as a tool to help understand the need for changing water resource management strategies

Dr. Daniel McEvoy, Assistant Research Professor of Climatology
Division of Atmospheric Sciences

Researcher with the Western Regional Climate Center and National Weather Service Grant Recipient

monica arienzo
Mary Cablk
Nathan Chellman
dan mcevoy
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