Wildfire and Smoke Prediction, Monitoring, Assessment, and Adaptation

fire-post Key words: Wildfire, Wildland fire, Fire assessment, Smoke, Air quality, Post-burn, rehabilitation, Fire damage assessment, Fire resilience, Fire/smoke impacts, Smoke modeling, Visualization, Lightning, Scenario planning, Fire severity, unmanned aircraft, UAS, UAV, Fire risk, climate data

cefa-logoOur multidisciplinary group work together to understand the movement and effects of wildfire and smoke, and to plan responses by individuals and agencies that will reduce future negative impacts while improving the ability to realize management goals. Our capabilities include forecasting the movement of smoke from fires, prediction of fire risk, assessment of the risk of wildfire to individual homeowners and neighborhoods, and development of both pre-fire and post-fire plans for natural resource management and community-based objectives. Our tools include advanced computer visualization facilities, state-of the-art modeling and simulation infrastructure, unmanned aircraft (UAS) and remote sensing, as well as strong experience in fieldwork to conduct on-the-ground assessments, surveys, and ground-truthing. Outcomes of our work include operational fire-risk maps, predictions of wildfire damage to forests, and assessments of community vulnerability to climate change.

Specific Capabilities:

  • 1) Smoke modeling
  • 2) Fire risk mapping
  • 3) Post-fire ecological sssessments
  • 4) Forest mortality and damage surveys
  • 5) Consulting related to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)
  • 6) scenario planning
  • 7) Fire emissions monitoring
  • 8)workshop facilitation.


  • a) Smoke-management agencies at the local to national level
  • b) National Park Service fire programs
  • c) Local businesses in the field of wildfire response, surveying, and mapping
  • d) regional planning authorities
  • e) air-quality monitoring acencies
  • f) Legal organizations interested in expert opinions in subjects ranging from fire science to meteorology and climatology.

Contact information:

tb-wildlandfires-cefa1Forest mortality prediction, Rim Fire, Stanislaus NF/Yosemite NF tb-wildlandfires-cefa2 Landscape effects of wildfires and fire in wetlands - Huckabee Fire, Big Cypress National Preserve

tb-wildlandfires-cefa3Smoke plume over Reno, Buffalo Fire

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