Catalina Island Automated Climate Network

Affiliation(s) PI/CoPI Project Period Funded by

Caldwell, Todd
McDonald, Eric
McCurdy, Greg

3/2004 - 8/2008 Catalina Island Conservancy

Real-time interactive web page:

Keywords: Catalina Island, revegetation, radio network, soil-water balance

Project Description

Original funds provided in March 2004 by the Catalina Island Conservancy (CIC) and matched by DRI served as a pilot project to demonstrate the importance of climate, the soil-water balance of revegetation efforts, and monitoring of this unique island ecosystem. Results from this project are being used to develop the conceptual relationship between soil moisture, landscape position, and ecosystem condition. Furthermore, this data is helping to advance monitoring and restoration efforts of the island oak ecosystem.

Funds provided in Phase 2 and 3 by CIC have resulted in a total of 8 meteorological stations, including an island-wide radio frequency network.

Funds provided by Long Beach Unified School District in May 2008 added 2 additional meteorological stations including one at Avalon School and atop Dakin Peak. Both of these sites are located within the Falls Canyon Watershed where the Island Fire occurred from May 10-15, 2007 burning approximately 4,700 acres in the area northwest of the City of Avalon. These sites along with 3 mid-canyon soil moisture stations serve to monitor debris flow potential resulting from the fire.

Data is updated every 15-minutes and available through an automated, real-time interactive web page:

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Current and future locations of meteorological stations and repeaters Installation of a radio frequency repeater high atop Cactus Peak on Catalina Island's West End


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