Cloud Seeding Operations - Spring Mountains

Winter 2018-2019

To view current DRI and Lee Canyon weather station data within this network see: East Manse Rd, NV; Lee Canyon Ski Area, NV

To view current DRI heated camera image within his network see: Manse Rd Cam

Seeding Type First Operation Most Recent Operation Operations to Date Seeding Hours to Date Snow Water Equivalent, % of Median as of: 05/01/2019
Aircraft: N/A N/A N/A N/A *Lee Canyon 8626': %
*Rainbow Canyon 7860': %
Ground: 11/29/2018 03/21/2019 16 85.12

Comments: All cloud seeding ops data for 2018-2019 is provisional and subject to revision. * = current SNOTEL data may not provide a valid measure of conditions.

Spring Mountains Project Area Map (2018-2019)



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