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Healthy Nevada Project

The Healthy Nevada Project is a population health study aggregating the health determinants: genetic, environmental, behavioural, socio-economic, and healthcare to understand and improve health outcomes.

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Past Projects

Transcriptomic Adaptations to Nitrogen Limitation

Nitrogen limitation can affect the genome architecture of organisms over geologic time, but what are the contemporary adaptations to these long-term selective pressures? This work investigates the effects of nitrogen limitation on the primary transcriptome of Prochlorococcus  MED4 (in collaboration with The Chisholm Lab, MIT)

Project Lead: Robert Read

Molecular Responses of Diatoms to UV Exposure

Diatoms in the southern ocean experience tremendous environmental stress from UV exposure. This work investigates the effects of UV exposure on the transcriptome of Corethron hystrix to enable gene discovery.

Project Leads: Robert Read and Iva Neveux

Technology Development

Multiplexed real-time microbial growth measurments, usually performed in small volumes in 96-well plates, are extremely powerful for understanding microbial growth rates under different environmental conditions. When these data are paired with molecular-based tools, results can be even more powerful, but are restricted to sample volume. Scaling up in volume for molecular analyses in serium vials and balch-tubes for studying anaerobic metabolisms requires laborious and tedious manual measurements. We are developing a real-time microbial growth quantification instrument using open-source, software driven automation, remote visualization, and data aquisition. We are currently beta-testing.

Project Leads: Dave Vuono, Bruce Lipp (AIC) and Carl Staub


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