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Understanding the interaction between the environment and human health poses a multitude of challenges that ultimately affect all global inhabitants. Sixty years ago, DRI was founded to quantify the anthropogenic footprint on the global environment and its consequent impact on human health. Complementary to this mission, the Center for Genomic Medicine at DRI in Reno, Nevada studies impacts of the environment on human health, for example, the air we breathe, where we live, the way we behave, and the water we drink.

The Center for Genomic Medicine works in collaboration with Renown Health to leverage data from the Healthy Nevada Project population health genetics study. We are a diverse team that studies environmental, socio-behavioral, and genetic health determinants both via computer simulations and in laboratory model organisms. These health determinants models allow researchers to better understand variables that impact health outcomes of individuals and populations.

None of this work is possible without the consent and trust that more than 50,000 participants of the Healthy Nevada Project place in us. We thank our Institutional Review Board at UNR that oversees and approves all of our human subject research work. Finally, nothing is possible without funding – we thank Renown Health and all of our sponsors.


Joe Grzymski stands in the laboratory of the Center of Genomic Medicine

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Joseph Grzymski, Ph.D.
Research Director, Director of Genomic Medicine


Desert Research Institute
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