Tim Brown

Timothy Brown Tim.Brown@dri.edu 775-674-7090 Research Professor, Climatology and Director of Western Regional Climate Center Division of Atmospheric Sciences Research

Climate Ecosystem Fire Applications (CEFA)

Climate Ecosystem Fire Applications (CEFA) Program Description The Climate, Ecosystem and Fire Applications (CEFA) program provides products and information related to climate, weather, fire and natural resources nationwide and...

Mark Green

Mark Green Mark.Green@dri.edu 775-674-7118 Hourly - Research Professor Division of Atmospheric Sciences Hourly Temporary Faculty (LOA)

12 Days of DRI: 2018 in Review

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December 18, 2018
It’s safe to say that 2018 has been a great year for DRI. From launching new programs to engage community members in science and technology to making new strides in our core research areas, we’re proud of what we’ve...

Rina Schumer

Rina Schumer 775-673-7414 Research Professor Emeritus Division of Hydrologic Sciences Hourly Temporary Faculty (LOA)

Tim Minor

Timothy Minor Tim.Minor@dri.edu 775-673-7477 Research Scientist, Geography Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences Research


Soil Characterization and Quaternary Pedology Laboratory Lab Projects Desert soils are characterized by unique spatial and vertical distribution of properties (e.g. texture, soluble salts, organic matter, surface cover) that are...

New Study Points to Increase in High-risk Bushfire Days in Australia

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August 17, 2021

Victoria, Australia is already one of the most bushfire-prone areas in the world, and the number of high-risk days may triple by the end of the century, according to a new study in the International Journal of Wildland Fire that features work by DRI climatologist Tim Brown, Ph.D.

CEFA Operations and Forecast Facility

CEFA Operations and Forecast Facility Lab Description The Climate Ecosystem Fire Applications (CEFA) program utilizes a modern computing laboratory for data analysis and scientific visualization supporting the applications...

Western Regional Climate Center

Western Regional Climate Center Lab Description The Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC) in Reno, Nevada, delivers high-quality climate data services at national, regional and state levels working with NOAA partners in the...

W Arnott

W Arnott Pat.Arnott@dri.edu 775-784-6834 Hourly Research Professor Division of Atmospheric Sciences Teaching Research Service

Cultural Resource Management

Cultural Resource Management About Cultural Resource Management at DRI Since 1969, Desert Research Institute (DRI) anthropologists and archaeologists have worked to understand how culture and environmental conditions impact...

Meet Graduate Researcher Nicholas Kimutis

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September 29, 2021

Meet graduate researcher Nicholas Kimutis and learn about his work in DRI’s Division of Atmospheric Sciences in this interview with DRI’s Behind the Science Blog.

Laboratory for Aerosol Science, Spectroscopy, and Optics

Laboratory for Aerosol Science, Spectroscopy, and Optics Lab Description The Laboratory for Aerosol Science, Spectroscopy, and Optics (LASSO), directed by Dr. Hans Moosmüller, is a facility for the development and use of modern...

Meet Graduate Researcher Nic Beres

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October 31, 2018
Meet Nic Beres, a Ph.D. student in atmospheric sciences. At DRI, Beres is working with Dr. Hans Moosmüller from the Division of Atmospheric Science (DAS) in Reno to study the mechanisms by which light-absorbing impurities such...

Into the Plume: Advancing Fire Science Using Drone Technology

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July 31, 2019
Photo: Drone pilots look toward their aircraft flying through the smoke. Credit: DRI’s Dave Vuono. Fire science research using drone technology at DRI “It was sort of like a deep-sea exploration, with a submarine scanning...

Meet Nathan Chellman, Ph.D.

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March 25, 2021

Meet DRI scientist Nathan Chellman and learn about his work in the Ice Core Laboratory in this interview with DRI’s Behind the Science Blog.

Scott Thomas

John Thomas Scott.Thomas@dri.edu 775-673-7630 Hourly Assistant Research Professor Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences Hourly Temporary Faculty (LOA)