Innovative solutions for final closure of municipal waste and mine waste sites.

DRI is a leader in the field of waste containment research and design and is a key institution in the USEPA’s Alternative Cover Assessment Program (ACAP). Visit the Web site for more information and publications from the ACAP research program.

Water balance covers (often called alternative or ET covers) offer the opportunity for excellent performance, reduced maintenance costs and better end land use. Construction costs are often much less than for conventional designs.

Landfill Cover Design Capabilities at DRI

If you are a:

  • regulator looking for review and comment on a proposed design,
  • consulting engineer in need of collaboration,
  • site owner with an interest in alternatives to conventional final cover design

Please give us a call 775-673-7314 or send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our capabilities include:

  • Full or partial cover design
  • Soil tests - lab and field
  • Soil data analysis and interpretation
  • Monitoring system design, implementation, data collection and analysis
  • Regulator interaction
  • Project management

Landfill Cover Design Services Landfill Cover Design Services Landfill Cover Design Services Landfill Cover Design Services Lab Work Landfill Cover Design Services with Dr. Tarek Abichou and Captain Brian Ventura Landfill Cover Design Services with Dr. Brad Lyles Landfill Cover Design Services Construction

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