• smallchildatwaterpump projectsUpdate 2009-2010 survey and catalog of U.S. universities working on issues related to international WASH
  • Conduct a gap analysis of African universities to identify capacity and training needs
  • Partner with colleges and universities in developing countries to create short courses that address identified human resource capacity gaps
  • Coordinate and support global capacity building efforts in African universities currently underway Implement practical, on the ground WASH projects involving faculty and students
  • Initiate and evaluate WASH-related technologies Assist U.S. government agencies working internationally in researching and developing evidence-based WASH strategies and analyzing and evaluating outcomes
  • Promote awareness beyond public health and engineering programs of the economic, gender equity, national security, social and environmental benefits of advancing activities to address the global WASH crisis
  • Develop public-private partnerships with corporations, civil society, foundations and faith-based organizations.