Track2 Program

Collaborative Research: Cyberinfrastructure Development for the Western Consortium of Idaho, Nevada, and New Mexico


Activities utilizing CI to integrate research with education. 


One of the objectives of the NSF-Track 2 project is to help meeting the national need for a 21st century workforce that is scientifically capable and CI-literate. 

Using climate change and super-computing training as the underlying themes, this web site is designed to expand CI awareness, enhance use of CI, and provide online information on:

CI training workshops, seminars, tutorials, and online tools: A series of training opportunities to develop CI capacity and hands-on experience with climate modeling, super-computing and scientific information systems will be provided for students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty.

The web site provides links to:

  • Calendar – Chronological order of upcoming workshops, tutorials, seminars and events on CI including super-computing and modeling.
  • Catalog – All details on entries in Calendar.
  • Archive – A list of events in the Calendar and the Catalog that have already passed, but can be used as information what types of event occurred and might occur in the future as well as which institutions were organizers. Sometimes materials from the past events can be available for distribution.