The People Make the Organization

It was understood when DRI was created that world-class scientific research requires gifted scientists and engineers, a philosophy that holds true today.

Studying the air, land and life, and water, DRI is poised to be a world leader in environmental sciences, utilizing its exceptional research faculty and state-of-the-art facilities.

DRI Presidents

During DRI’s half century of science, there has always been a noted scientist leading the organization as president.

Year President
1960-1969 Wendell A. Mordy, Ph.D.
John M. Ward, Ph.D.
Lloyd Smith, Ph.D.
Clifford Murino, Ph.D.
George Hidy, Ph.D.
James V. Taranik, Ph.D.
1999–present Stephen G. Wells, Ph.D.

A History of Renowned Researchers

DRI also has a history of renowned researchers within the organization, both past and present, including botanist Frits Went, Ph.D., an elected member of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, who came to DRI in 1965.

From its early beginnings as part of the University of Nevada, DRI has transitioned from a small research institute focused primarily on desert environments to a world-renowned environmental research organization encompassing a broad range of scientific fields.