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The use of mercury isotopic ratios to investigate sources and chemistry of mercury in the global background atmosphere

use of mercury isotopic ratiosResearchers from Colorado College and the University of Michigan started a project titled "The use of mercury isotopic ratios to investigate sources and chemistry of mercury in the global background atmosphere” at Storm Peak Laboratory on July 13, 2016.   Shown in the photo: Graduate student, Aaron Kurz, from the University of Michigan Assistant Professor, Lynne Gratz, from Colorado College, SPL technician, Joe Messina. They are collecting two wet deposition and  two ambient air samples Storm Peak Laboratory over the next few weeks. 
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Storm Peak Laboratory is measuring smoke from regional wildfires

measuring smoke from wildfires 1photo credit: Jessica Gilman Wildfires contribute a significant source of pollutants to the atmosphere. Storm Peak Laboratory is measuring the pollutants generated from the regional wildfires.   photo credit: Jessica Gilman
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Storm Peak Laboratory Joins the NOAA Collaborative Aerosol Network

storm peak lab joins noaa canIn January 2011, Storm Peak Laboratory in Steamboat Springs, CO joined the NOAA Collaborative Aerosol Network and became their first Colorado-based partner. For more information, download the NOAA Aerosol Network News: Issue 1, Jan. 2012 (563 Kb PDF)   
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Beetle-infested Pine Trees Contribute to Air Pollution and Haze in Forests

beetle trees1 fScientists Kara Huff Hartz of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Gannet Hallar of the Desert Research Institute's Storm Peak Laboratory in Steamboat Springs, Colo., and colleagues say that western North America is experiencing a population explosion of mountain pine beetles, a type of bark beetle that damages and kills pines and other trees. For more information, visit http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?org=NSF&cntn_id=124255  
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