reserveimagesStorm Peak Laboratory is used for research and training for undergraduate and graduate classes in atmospheric and hydrological research. Research the lab for your research.


Storm Peak Laboratory is a permanent mountain-top facility used for research and training in the Rocky Mountains of northwestern Colorado. Ideally situated for in-cloud measurements, this facility enables greater understanding and characterization of the meteorological processes than are otherwise not available elsewhere.

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As the Earth’s environment continues to change, the need for creative scientific solutions and the application of innovative technologies becomes increasingly important to ensure a balanced future, one that recognizes the need to utilize and maintain those natural systems that sustain humanity around the globe. DRI Storm Peak Laboratory's scientists are meeting this challenge and stand at the forefront of of understanding our earth’s complex environmental systems.

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Storm Peak Laboratory is operated by the Desert Research Institute (DRI) Division of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS). DRI is a branch of the Nevada System of Higher Education and is committed to continuing research and education programs in the atmospheric sciences. DRI is an equal opportunity service provider and employer. DRI is a permittee of the Medicine-Bow Routt National Forest.