Quick Facts

DRI Quick Facts

  • 560 employees
  • 300 research projects around the world
  • 176 Ph.D. research faculty specializing in more than 40 scientific fields
  • 60 specialized labs, including a mountaintop observatory in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and a Solar Research Facility in Boulder City, Nevada
  • $50 million in annual revenue from research grants and contracts, state support and private-sector research and development
  • More than 50 DRI faculty teach courses and advise students at universities and colleges throughout the Nevada System of Higher Education
  • DRI invest $1.6 million in non-state dollars for graduate student research at University of Nevada, Reno and University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Since 2000, DRI entrepreneurial faculty have leveraged $110 Million in state appropriation from the Nevada State Legislature to attract more than $510 Million in external research grants and contracts from federal, local and private sponsors. Providing the State of Nevada with a $4.6-to-$1 direct return on its investment.
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