Particulate Emissions Measurement Laboratory

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DAS Vic Etyemezian | Jack Gillies | George Nikolich

Lab Description

Hampden Kuhns, PEML instrumentation The Particle Emissions Measurement Laboratory (PEML) was established at DRI to develop resources (instrumentation and measurement systems) for the characterization and quantification of particulate matter emissions by natural and anthropogenic processes. Facilities managed by the PEML include real time flux towers, a large cargo van that may be configured for a variety of field measurement applications, and an in-plume monitoring system. Currently available equipment in the PEML laboratory includes: Midac FTIR, Dekati ELPI, Grimm Particle Size Analyzers, TSI DustTraks, Licor CO2 Analyzer, 6 TSI digital mass flow meters, and medium volume filter samplers. When these instruments are configured for use in the in-plume system, all data are synchronously time stamped and logged to a single laptop in real time. Previous field experiences have shown that much higher data quality and recovery rates are typically achieved when measurements are viewed as they are made, since field operators can quickly identify and resolve problems as they arise.

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