Renewable Energy Systems and Applications

bioenergy-engineering Key words: laboratory apparatus, life-cycle analysis, LCA, techno-economic analysis, TEA, greenhouse gas assessments, energy system integration

DRI has extensive experience in designing, fabricating, integrating, and operating laboratory-scale mechanical, chemical, and electrical apparatus. Such custom-designed systems are used in a variety of renewable energy applications including biofuels, solar thermal systems, pyrolysis, and chemical processing. In addition, we have experience in conducting techno-economic analyses of such systems, and in assessing the life-cycle impacts of various processes/products with respect to energy balance and greenhouse gas emissions.

Specific Capabilities:

  • Life-cycle analysis (LCA)
    • Application of LCA models – GREET, SimaPro, Ecoinvent
    • Development of alternative scenarios and comparison with baseline case
    • Greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of biofuels and energy systems
    • Environmental and health impacts of biofuels and energy systems
  • Techno-economic analysis (TEA)
    • TEA of biofuel production systems
    • Process scalability analysis (resource assessment, large scale feasibility)
    • System modeling and analysis
    • Assessment of economic viability
  • Engineering design, fabrication, and utilization of laboratory equipment
    • Thermal processing systems
    • Process monitoring, control, and data acquisition
    • Mass and energy balances
    • LabView programing and use


  • Developers/integrators of renewable energy systems
  • Biofuel producers and users
  • Researchers, educators, regulators, and businesses interested in LCA

Contact information:

  • Umakanta Jena, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (775) 674-7122
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