Renewable Energy Engineering and Assessment

redd Key words: renewable energy, solar energy, solar thermal, PV, solar cell, TRNSYS, off-grid residential systems, energy audits, hydrogen systems, portable renewable energy systems

DRI has extensive experience with deploying and testing of renewable energy components within a residential setting. We have developed a 1400-ft2 house and 600-ft2 workshop that serve as a research platform for conducting renewable energy R&D in solar, wind, biomass, and building efficiency. This Renewable Energy Deployment and Display (REDD) facility includes solar thermal and PV systems for heating and cooling, and a hydrogen generation system to store excess renewable energy. These components are integrated through various monitoring and control strategies, which enable off-grid operation of the REDD.

Specific Capabilities:

  • REDD Facility
    • Residential laboratory for testing, integrating, and monitoring RE components
    • Off-grid operational capabilities
  • Renewable Energy System Testing:
    • Component testing and evaluation:
      • Solar thermal
      • Photovoltaic systems
      • Thermoelectric devices
      • Wind turbines
      • Fuel cells
    • Energy Storage
    • Internal combustion engines
    • Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling
  • Energy auditing
    • Certified  auditors (AEE and BPI)
    • Residential and small commercial facilities
  • Energy Simulations: TRNSYS for solar systems
  • Solar Cell Testing Facility: Test electrical output from calibrated solar source


  • Home builders who want to incorporate renewable energy features
  • Manufacturers of renewable energy components for residential and commercial buildings
  • Researchers, educators, regulators, and businesses interested in energy efficiency

Contact information:

  • Curt Robbins, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (775) 674-7129

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