Extreme weather assessment, modeling, and forecasting

tornado Key words: flood, fire, dust, winds, snowfall, tornadoes, pollution, disease

The expertise and capabilities focus on the analyses, diagnoses, and multi-scale numerical simulation of the atmospheric processes that result in extreme rainfall, wild land fire meteorology, dust storms, damaging straight line and convective wind events, heavy snowfall, and adverse air quality episodes including disease vectors. In depth understanding of how large scale atmospheric phenomena create a favorable mesoscale environment for flooding rainfalls in complex terrain, including spillover precipitation, favorable fire weather conditions, dust storms, extreme convective events including tornadogenesis, orographic and nonorographic snowfalls, extreme pollution due to air mass stagnation/blocking and the transport of pathogens. Additionally, expertise and experience exist in the use of meso and storm scale numerical models in the simulation and forecasting of these events including forecast product development for operational application and downscaling climate model simulations. 

Specific Capabilities:

  • atmospheric synoptic/dynamic analyses,
  • multi-scale numerical modeling,
  • forensic analyses,
  • tailored forecast product development, and
  • climate dynamics downscaling. 


  • private weather forecast vendors,
  • Federal government research laboratories (NOAA, NASA, NSF, DOD, BLM, EPA, DOE, NIH, USGS, DHS),
  • NOAA National Weather Service,
  • state government public works agencies,
  • international government laboratories,
  • broadcast media,
  • private air quality firms, and
  • legal firms involved in forensic meteorology. 

Contact information:

  • Michael Kaplan, 775-674-7051, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
mk-ParadigmforExtremeDustStorm200xMulti-scale Paradigm for an Extreme Dust Storm mk-ParadigmforSevereSpillovera200xMulti-Scale Paradigm for Severe Spillover Precipitation and Flooding in the Sierra Nevada
mk-ParadigmforSevereSpilloverb200xMulti-Scale Paradigm for Severe Spillover Precipitation and Flooding in the Sierra Nevada mk-ParadigmforSevereSpilloverc200xMulti-Scale Paradigm for Severe Spillover Precipitation and Flooding in the Sierra Nevada
mk-Paradigm-forMajorSouthernPlainsTornadoOutbreaks200xMulti-scale Paradigm for Major Southern Plains Tornado Outbreaks  mk-ParadigmforSouthernCaliforniaSantaAnaWindStormMajorFire200xMulti-scale Paradigm for Southern California Santa Ana Wind Storm and Major Fire