Emissions and Process Gas Characterization

emissionsKey Words: gas sampling, syngas, vehicle emissions, stationary emissions, process gas, chemical characterization, HAPs

DRI has extensive experience sampling and characterizing emissions from mobile and stationary sources, with particular emphasis on quantifying trace levels of particulates (PM10, PM2.5), inorganic ions, and individual volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as aldehydes, ketones, organic acids, and specific hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). This expertise has been extended to process gas applications, for sampling and characterizing trace species in synthesis gas (syngas), biofuel process gases, off-gassing of pellet fuels, and other processes. A portable, dilution sampling system has been developed at DRI, and is used in this work to enable reliable determination of emission rates.

Specific Capabilities

  • Engine/vehicle emissions
    • Criteria and non-criteria emissions
    • Alternative fuel applications
    • On-road and laboratory applications
    • Real-time and integrated measurements
  • Syngas measurement and characterization
    • Dilution sampling system
    • Quantification of trace contaminants
    • Real-time and integrated measurements
  • Laboratory analyses
    • Gas phase: VOCs, HAPs, carbonyls
    • Aerosol/solid phase: PM mass, PM size distribution, inorganic ions
  • Customers:

    • Potential users of capabilities:
    • Process gas producers and users
    • Biofuels/alternative fuels producers and users
    • Researchers, educators, regulators, and businesses interested in emissions and process gases

    Contact information:

    • Amber Broch, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (775) 674-7185

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