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The DRI Research Park is not listed with any sole agent or broker.   

DRI Research Parks, Ltd (DRIRP) may pay up to 5% commission to any agent or broker representing a prospect tenant for the research park, subject to the policy below:

  1. The broker incentive Policy applies only to sole-sourced leads brought to DRIRP by the broker or consultant.
  2. The broker incentive fee and payment schedule will be negotiated as part of the land lease agreement.
  3. The broker must be identified to DRIRP with written evidence of broker-client relationship prior to any engagement or site visit with DRIRP.
  4. The broker incentive fee will be based on a negotiated percentage with no consideration for future fair market value or Consumer Price Index extensions, options, holdovers and fair market value adjustments.
  5. The land lease will contain a provision that, should the tenant fail to perform subsequent to broker incentive payment(s) the tenant is required to reimburse DRIRP.
  6. The broker must provide full disclosure of other sources of compensation (lessee, lender, etc).   DRIRP will not participate in an arrangement that will effect double payment of commission.
  7. Payment will only be made upon fully executed land lease which must be signed within 90 calendar days following Board approval of the land lease.
  8. DRIRP Trustees and Staff, or NSHE employees are not eligible to participate in this program either while employed or within 12 months of separation from DRIRP or NSHE.

Download PDF Summary of incentives, target sectors, land and regional growth

summary of incentives target sectors land and regional growth

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