OAL Analysis Services


Utilizing the skills, knowledge, and experience of the Laboratory’s scientific, technical, and engineering staff, custom research and quality assurance programs can be developed to meet a wide range of research objectives. A full-time mechanical engineer, electronics engineer, and machinist are available for the development of new analytical equipment and samplers.

  • Develop and implement new sampling and analytical methods.
  • Evaluate existing methods.
  • Design and perform studies of atmospheric reaction products.
  • Develop and implement analytical studies of motor vehicle (gasoline and diesel) volatile organic compound emission rates.
  • Design and perform characterization studies from on-road vehicles.
  • Conduct source apportionment of ambient volatile organic compounds and carbonaceous particles.
  • Design and perform indoor air quality studies.
  • Plan and implement toxic air contaminant monitoring.
  • Develop source characterization for gas and particle phase organic compounds.
  • Design and implement external quality auditing programs for laboratory and field measurement comparison studies of ambient volatile organic compounds.

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