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oal lab instrument smlDRI's Organic Analytical Laboratory (OAL) in Reno, Nevada, provides high quality, cost-effective collection and analysis of trace organic contaminants and hazardous pollutants in ambient air and other environmental samples (soil, water, etc.). The Laboratory also performs source characterization for volatile organics and organic particulates. DRI's OAL provides a full range of sampling, laboratory analysis, data management, and quality assurance services including custom research methods development. 

The Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and is staffed by world leaders in data collection and analysis. The laboratory also designs and fabricates air samplers to meet varying project needs using components time-tested for reliability, durability and cleanliness.

Featured News: Hazardous chemicals discovered in flavored e-cigarette vapor

Building on more than 30 years of air quality research in some of the most polluted urban environments on Earth, a team of atmospheric scientists at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) has turned their attention toward the growing e-cigarette industry and the unidentified effects of vaping on human health. New research published in Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T) a journal of the American Chemical Society, reports that the aerosols (commonly called vapors) produced by flavored e-cigarettes liquids contain dangerous levels of hazardous chemicals known to cause cancer in humans.


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Division of Atmospheric Sciences
Desert Research Institute

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