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Annual Reports

Electronic versions of DRI's annual reports and publications are available for download in Adobe Acrobat format.

2007 Fall DRI News

Download the DRI Fall 2007 NewsletterDownload the DRI Fall 2007 News (1.6MB PDF)

In this issue:

  • Arctic climate study reveals impact of industrial pollution
  • Senator Reid on Walker Lake
  • DRI studies landmine detection technologies
  • Sand dune study sheds light on climate change
  • Friends tee up at Golf Extravaganza
  • Chow receives Ansari Award

2007 Spring DRI News

Download the DRI Spring 2007 NewsletterDownload the DRI Spring 2007 News (1.6MB PDF)

In this issue:

  • RI Studies Agricultural Water-Conservation Technique
  • Innovations in ice cores
  • New research center at Tahoe
  • Nevada Medal winner

2004 Fall DRI News

Download the DRI Fall 2004 NewsletterDownload the DRI Fall 2004 News (1.1MB PDF)

In this issue:

  • DRI thanks U.S. Senator John Ensign for support
  • Move over, HAL
  • Finding the tortoises
  • Unearthing Ice Age artifacts

2002 Fall DRI News

Download the DRI Fall 2002 NewsletterDownload the DRI Fall 2002 News (1.6MB PDF)

In this issue:

  • Promoting the general welfare of the State of Nevada
  • Deciding the Fate of Walker Lake
  • New Computing Initiatives
  • Readin', Writing', and Renewable Energy

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