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2012 DRI Annual Report

2012 DRI Annual Report

A world where science solves hunger, where data helps shape communities and policy, where educators are given free tools to impart conscious living...Imagine That!

Download the 2012 DRI Annual Report (5MB PDF)

View the DRI Annual Video: Imagine That! (7.42min)

In this issue:

  • Financial Report
  • Innovation Based Economic Development
  • Putting Imagination to Work (NSHE and DRI Personnel)
  • Antarctica's Ancient Extremophiles
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Detect Cloud Pollution, Climate Change
  • Black Carbon Aerosols Causing Warmer Temperatures in India
  • DRI Secures $35.9 Million to Continue Work for Department of Energy
  • A Life Underground
  • Guiding NASA's Landsat Mission
  • A Legacy of Enhancing Snowfall
  • Caesars Foundation Establishes Fellowship for Watershed Research
  • The Future of Agriculture in Nevada
  • Sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Solutions
  • DRI Foundation Forum Focuses on Energy Future
  • Developing a Plan to Reduce Energy Costs
  • Helping Nevada's Kids Grow Up Green
  • the Next Generation of Great Scientists
  • Making an International Impact

View the DRI Annual Video: Imagine That! (7.42min)