DRI Annual Convocation – Honoring our research faculty and students

On Thursday, June 13 the Desert Research Institute took time to celebrate the success of its faculty and students during its Annual Convocation event. Eleven awards were presented to scientific researchers and graduate students on behalf of the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents, DRI’s donors and individual scientific research divisions.

The event also marked a special day for the DRI Foundation with the announcement of near completion of raising $865,000 in private funding for the 9,615 square-foot Maxey Addition of DRI’s Reno Campus, which cost $5.7 million to complete. In honor of this effort, DRI dedicated the DRI Foundation Conference Room, which is fitting because it is constantly in use by DRI faculty and staff throughout the institute.

convocationView previous recipients and awards

2013 Recipients

Nevada System of Higher Education Regents Researcher Award
Hans Moosmüller

Nevada System of Higher Education Rising Researcher Award
Rajan Chakrabarty

Ansari Medal for Excellence in Science Award
Duane Moser

Peter B. Wagner Medal of Excellence for DRI Scholars in the Early Stages of Career Development Award
Justin Huntington

Peter B. Wager Memorial Award for Women in Atmospheric Sciences
Kelly E. McCusker

Colin Warden Memorial Endowment Award
Stefano Benato

Maki Faculty Chair of Hydrologic Sciences Award
Rina Schumer

George Burke Maxey Graduate Student Fellowship Award
Noah Fraser

George Burke Maxey Graduate Student Paper Award
Wyatt Fereday

Jonathan O. Davis Scholarship in Quaternary Sciences
Donald D. Pattee

2013 Retirement Awards

Debora Noack
Steve Salaber
Tom Swafford
Randy Nicholson
Arlen Huggins
Dorothy Miller
Eric Fujita
Stephen Zitzer
Giles Marion

2012/2013 Graduates

Diana Francisco
M.S. Atmospheric Sciences, UNR

Tom Malamakal 
M.S. Atmospheric Sciences, UNR

JD McAlpine 
M.S. Atmospheric Sciences, UNR

Ashley Pierce 
M.S. Environmental Science and Health, UNR

Mark McDanial 
M.S. Atmospheric Sciences, UNR

Mahesh Bhattarai 

Mustafa Eissa 
Ph.D., UNR

Knut Mehler 
Ph.D. Geoscience, UNLV

Stephen Maples
M.S. Hydrogeology, UNR

Ramon Naranjo

Rebecca Simanek (previously Lawrence)
M.S. Hydrogeology, UNR

Clinton Davis
Ph.D. Environmental Science and Health, UNR

Robert Read
M.S. Biochemistry, UNR

Melissa Thaw
M.S. Water Resource Management, UNLV

Erich Uher
M.S. Atmospheric Sciences, UNR


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