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  Location Name Ecosystem
  Arizona Maricopa Cotton and wheat plantation
  Australia EucFACE Eucalyptus Woodland
  Australia OzFACE Savanna
  Central California Jasper Ridge Chaparral and mixed woodland
  Illinois SoyFACE> Soybean crop
  Italy EuroFACE Populus plantation
  Germany Braunschweig FACE Barley, wheat, sugar beets
  Germany GiFACE Semi-natural grassland
  Minnesota BioCon Grassland
  Nevada NDFF Desert shrubland
  New Zealand Bulls, NZ FACE Pasture (CO2 x warming)
  North Carolina Duke FACE Loblolly pine forest
  Tennessee Oak Ridge Sweetgum forest monoculture
  Switzerland Swiss FACE Grassland
  Wisconsin Aspen FACE Aspen forest

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  NASA Global Change Master Directory  
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  US Global Change Research Program  
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  DOE Office of Biological & Environmental Research  
"InterFACE" e-mail network address: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

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