lynn fenstermaker

Dr. Lynn F. Fenstermaker

Research Professor Biology
remote sensing, climate change, evapotranspiration, physiological ecology, ecosystem monitoring and assessment, UAS, unmanned aircraft systems

Professional Interests

Dr. Fenstermaker has experience in assessing, mapping, and monitoring the effect of environmental stressors on vegetation at small and large scales using multispectral, hyperspectral and SAR remotely sensed data from ground to satellite based platforms including UAS (unmanned aircraft systems). Recent research has focused on the use of remote sensing to estimate evapotranspiration for riparian and phreatophytic zones, fine scale examination of crop stressors, and wildfire impact on Great Basin and Mojave Desert vegetation. Dr. Fenstermaker has management and supervisory experience as the Director of the NV Space Grant Consortium, NV NASA EPSCoR and two statewide research programs addressing the effects of climate change: Nevada Desert FACE Facility (NDFF) and the Mojave Global Change Facility (MGCF). She is the past Director of the Nevada Climate-ecohydrological Assessment Network (NevCAN). She has experience as a Co-PI and NV Program Manager for a NSF EPSCOR Track 2 project developing a virtual watershed platform. She is also serving as the Deputy Director of the DRI Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences and DRIs UAS Liaison.

Dr. Fenstermaker serves on two national boards (National Space Grant Foundation and NASA EPSCoR Caucus) and a state board that governs the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems. Additional experience includes the use of remotely sensed data to map land use/land cover, monitor environmental status and trends, and the development of quality assurance/quality control procedures for spatial data. Dr. Fenstermaker has experience in soil characterization and basic soil science from work conducted at the Pennsylvania State University Soil Characterization Laboratory and as a participant with and Assistant Coach of the Penn State Soil Judging Team (1978-1984). Dr. Fenstermaker has taught classes at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and participated in community and K-12 mentoring programs to inform students about ecological and remote sensing research as well as the rewards of a career in science.

Research Areas of Interest and Expertise

Use of remote sensing, including unmanned platforms,to address plant ecophysiological issues such as plant response to environmental and anthropogenic stress, ecosystem status and trends, and ecosystem response to global climate change.

Recent Projects


Ph.D. 2003 University of Nevada, Las Vegas Biology
M.S. 1986 Pennsylvania State University Agronomy
B.S. 1981 Pennsylvania State University Environmental Resource Management


Publications & Presentations


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