Lincoln Highway Project

Lincoln Highway Utah Overview Map
Lincoln Highway Utah Overview Map (click to enlarge)

Mapping of the 1913 and 1919 routes of the Lincoln Highway (LH) through U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) was conducted using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) via satellite imagery and historic documents including General Land Office maps, historic transportation maps, and other documentation.

Groundtruthing of the routes delineated through GIS mapping; revisiting select sites on DPG at Black Point and Granite Point to photo-document present site conditions.

Systematic photo documentation of routes leading to a web-based photo tour that includes a clickable map of the routes across Dugway linked to photos taken at 1-mile intervals along both the 1913 and 1919 routes.

Photos were taken using a tripod to attempt to produce a consistent view (height and angle). The camera was zoomed out and the view finder was centered on the approximate road center with the horizon line placed above the center line (3/4) to optimize the view of the road.

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