Lake Vida Presentations

Lake Vida Presentations

Murray, AE. The Microbiology of Antarctica’s Lake Vida. National Academy Committee on Astrobiology and Planetary Sciences, Washington DC. March 2013.

Trubl, G, E Kuhn, A Ichimura, C Fritsen, M Madigan, AE Murray. Biogeochemistry and genetic potential related to denitfrification of heterotrophic Bacteriaisolated from Lake Vida brine.  AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec 2012.

Kuhn, E., AE Murray, H Dugan, AS Ichimura, R Edwards, V Peng, CH Fritsen, F Kenig, S Young, PT Doran. Microbial life in the iron-rich, anoxic cryobrine of Lake Vida, Antarctica.  SCAR Open Science Conference, Portland OR, July, 2012.

Ostrom, NE, AE Murray, G Trubl, E Kuhn.  The enigmatic nitrogen biogeochemistry of Lake Vida, an isolated brine cryoecosystem.  International Symposium on Isotopmers, Washington DC, June, 2012.

Trubl, G, E Kuhn, N Ostrom, AE Murray. Denitrification in microorganisms isolated from ice-sealed Lake Vida brine. 56th Annual Meeting of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science, Glendale AZ, April, 2012.

Kuhn, E, AE Murray, CH Fritsen, FE Lofffler, P Doran. Addressing the Lake Vida cryobrine microbial community lifestyle: “Omics’ approaches to survey biogeochemical processes of a salty, freezing, ice-sealed ecosystem. AbSciCon, Atlanta, GA, Apr 2012.

Murray, AE, NE Ostrom, BT Glazer, CP McKay, F Kenig, F Löffler, CH Frisen, PT Doran. Stable isotopic signatures in the isolated brine cryoecosystem of Lake Vida reveal evidence of both abiotic and biotic processes. AGU Fall meeting San Francisco,CA, Dec 2011.

Kuhn, E, A Ichimura, V Peng, C Fritsen, AE Murray. Characterization of theabundant < 0.2 mm cell-like particles inhabiting Lake Vida brine, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec 2011. 

Dugan, H, PT Doran, CH Fritsen, F Kenig, AE Murray, S Arcone. A 26 m ice cover on Lake Vida, Antarctica. AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec 2011

Murray, AE. Exploring the Lake Vida brine microbial community – a window into diversity , adaptation and processes in extreme cold. DOE Joint Genome Institute, November, 2011.

Murray, AE. Cryobrines of Lake Vida – detecting life on the edge. Applied and Environmental Microbiology Gordon Research Conference, Mt. Holyoke, MA,July 2011.

Murray, AE. Microbe Planet: Life on Earth, Extreme Environments, and Astrobiology. Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences/Squaw Valley Institute, September, 2010.

Murray, AE and K Hand. Astrobiology of Icy Worlds.  NASA Space grant meeting, Reno, NV, Sept 2009

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