Regional summaries of chronologic data and discussions of the interpretation of these data sets are being published as a special issue of Quaternary International, edited by Nicholas Lancaster and David Thomas.

Papers already published online

Thomas, D.S.G., Burrough, S.L., 2013. Luminescence-based dune chronologies in southern Africa: Analysis and interpretation of dune database records across the subcontinent. Quaternary International(0), 1-16.

Hesse, P.P., 2014. How do longitudinal dunes respond to climate forcing? Insights from 25 years of luminescence dating of the Australian desert dunefields. Quaternary International(0).

Tripaldi, A., Zárate, M.A., A review of Late Quaternary inland dune systems of South America east of the Andes. Quaternary International(0).

Papers in press

Halfen, A.F., Lancaster, N., Wolfe, S.A., 2015. Interpretations and common challenges of aeolian records from North American dune fields. Quaternary International.