Geochemistry And Water Quality

Geochemistry capabilities within the Hydrologic Sciences are focused principally on rock-water interactions that affect water quality and dissolved constituent transport whereas water quality capabilities are focused on the impact that anthropogenic activities have had on ground water and surface water. A combination of field-scale tests, monitoring and evaluation capability, dedicated laboratory facilities and numerical modeling capability are used to address a diverse set of geochemical and water quality research topics. Research including: (a) radiochemistry and radionuclide transport, (b) depleted uranium, metals and organics transport, (c) geothermal reservoir characterization and water supply evaluation, (d) geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide and geothermal resource development, and (e) water quality and quantity issues in urban runoff, rivers, canals, and lakes have been previously been funded by the US Departments of Energy, Defense, and Interior as well as various private companies and state and local governments.

The research conducted by the geochemistry and water quality group have led to advances in analytical analysis techniques for arsenic, improved estimates for subsurface radionuclide transport, more efficient conveyance of surface irrigation water through canals, and an improved understanding of surface water degradation caused by the development and transport of nutrients and sediment. This research has resulted in an engineering capability that has produced several new radiological and thermal profiling sensors. Results from DHS research studies have been used to assess and mitigate environmental risks and have been incorporated into environmental management documents, such as that used by Lake Tahoe basin managers to restore the clarity of Lake Tahoe. Many geochemistry and water quality researchers also teach and advise graduate students within the Nevada System of Higher Education universities.

Research projects related to "geochemistry and water quality" are listed below.
Noble Gas and Isotopic Analysis to Delineate Subsurface Flow Patterns North of Pyramid Lake, Nevada
Evaluating Field and Laboratory Data for Developing Surrogate Indicators to Monitor Fine Sediment in the Tahoe Basin
Groundwater Model Development to Assess Fluid Flux at the Buena Vista Mine
Watershed-Based Plan for the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe
Development of a Regional Water Management Plan for the Carson River Watershed
Technical Research Engineering and Development DOE/NNSA/NSO contract (TREDS) - CEMP
Technical Research Engineering and Development DOE/NNSA/NSO contract (TREDS) - CRMP and AIP
Technical Research Engineering and Development DOE/NNSA/NSO contract (TREDS) - Soils
Technical Research Engineering and Development DOE/NNSA/NSO contract (TREDS) - UGTA
World Vision Water Projects
BARCAS - Basin and Range Regional Carbonate-rock Aquifer System
Precipitation of Dissolved CO2 in Laboratory Porous Media Following Rapid Depressurization
NIWR Program (Effects of CC on Snowpack; Hyporheic Exchange Truckee River; Tamarisk Water Use; LV Water System Resiliency)
Canal lining and afforestation to prevent raised groundwater tables and field salinization in Khorezm, Uzbekistan
Wetlands Up-Scale Selenium Cycle
Tahoe Stormwater Particle Assessment and Management for Urban and Roadway Runoff
NSF EPSCoR: Nevada Infrastructure for Climate Change Science, Education and Outreach
Development of Coated Porous Sorbents for the Treatment of Waters and Wastewaters
Truckee Meadows Climate Trends Analysis
Ice Core Analysis and Incorporation of the Arctic Circle Traverse (ACT) Radar
Fate and Transport of Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products and Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in Golf Courses Irrigated with Reuse Water
Rosewood Creek Stream Environment Zone Restoration Monitoring: Washoe County, Nevada
Development of a BMP Performance Assessment and Data Analysis System for the Tahoe Integrated Information Management System (TIIMS)
Predicting and Managing Changes in Near-Shore Water Quality
Impact of the Lower and Middle Rosewood Creek Restoration Projects on the Delivery of Nutrients and Suspended Sediment to Lake Tahoe
Technical Research, Engineering and Development Services for NNSA/NSO (TREDS)
Cover Renovation Study: Study Site Selection, Lysimeter Design, and Instrumentation Procurement
Trace and Ultra-Trace Chemistry Measurements of the WAIS Divide Ice Core
Technical Assistance to NDEP - Truckee River TMDL Review
Wyoming Weather Modification
Sustainability of Semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas

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