Aquatic Systems

Water resources management is emerging as a serious regional and global problem. Restoration of aquatic systems and maintenance of healthy water quality and ecology is a key to sustainable water resource management. The aquatic systems group at DRI conducts research over a broad range of areas ranging from invasive species and ecological restoration to watershed management. Existing projects include invasive species management in Lake Mead, restoration of Walker Lake, and water quality and restoration of Truckee River, Las Vegas Wash, Colorado River and Rio Grande. Researchers in this group are also involved in many international projects such as wetland studies in the Nile River basin (Egypt), algae bloom and water quality in Lake Taihu (China), and watershed studies (West Africa). Faculty under this theme collaborates and works with graduate students from several departments at Universities in Las Vegas (UNLV) and Reno (UNR).

Research projects related to "aquatic systems" are listed below.
Finalizing a Nevada Wetland Program Plan (WWP) and Assessing Biotic Integrity of the State's Priority Wetlands: Isolated Great Basin and Mojave Desert Springs
Towards the Development of a Reservoir Meteorological Network to Estimate Evaporation
Investigations of the Effect of Virgin River Water Quality on Native Fishes
Proposal to Determine Inter-Annual and Intra-Annual Population Dynamics of Soft Sediments Dwelling D. Bugensis in Boulder Basin, Las Vegas Bay and Overton Arm, Lake Mead
Tahoe Stormwater Particle Assessment and Management for Urban and Roadway Runoff
Monitoring Protocols for Utah's Rare Aquatic and Terrestrial Mollusks
Bishop Creek Hydroloelectric Project
Rush Creek Hydroloelectric Project
Polaris Creek Wetland/Stream Environment Zone (SEZ) Restoration for Tahoe Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), BMP Efficiency Testing, Habitat Enhancement, and Outreach
Developing an Aquatic Community Restoration Plan for Travertine & Texas Springs
Nevada Infrastructure for Climate Change Science, Education, and Outreach
Nevada Infrastructure for Climate Change Science, Education, and Outreach
WAIS DIVIDE - High Temporal Resolution Black Carbon Record of Southern Hemisphere Biomass Burning
Characterization and Evaluation of Wetlands in the Las Vegas Valley Watershed
SGER - Impact of the Angora Fire on Colloidal Black Carbon in Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake
Developing an Aquatic Community Restoration Plan for Travertine & Texas Springs
Rosewood Creek Stream Environment Zone Restoration Monitoring: Washoe County, Nevada
Angora Fire Effects and Restoration Water Quality Monitoring
Development of a BMP Performance Assessment and Data Analysis System for the Tahoe Integrated Information Management System (TIIMS)
Predicting and Managing Changes in Near-Shore Water Quality
Tahoe Basin Particle Size Analysis and Protocol Development
Impact of the Lower and Middle Rosewood Creek Restoration Projects on the Delivery of Nutrients and Suspended Sediment to Lake Tahoe
NNHP Springs of Biodiversity Significance
Lake Forest Erosion Control
Collaborative Research: Norwegian-United States IPY Scientific Traverse: Climate Variability and Glaciology in East Antarctica
Technical Research, Engineering and Development Services for NNSA/NSO (TREDS)
Trace and Ultra-Trace Chemistry Measurements of the WAIS Divide Ice Core
Technical Assistance to NDEP - Truckee River TMDL Review
Perform Studies to Understand and Improve the Quality of Real Time Hydrologic Data Acquisition Storage, and Usage to Improve Water Management of the Truckee-Carson River System
Draft Revision of the Lost River Sucker and Shortnose Sucker Recovery Plan
Wyoming Weather Modification
Regionally Based Clean Water Activities
Sustainability of Semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas

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