Using Plant-Based Sensing Technologies to Optimize Irrigation in Arid/Semi-Arid Urban Landscapes

Affiliation(s)PIProject periodFunded by
DHS Twarakavi, Navin Kumar C 12/01/2012 - 08/31/2014 Southern Nevada Water Authority

Project Description

The primary objective of this proposal is to evaluate the use of the SG-1000 Leaf Sensor for its economic viability for commercial and residential irrigation in urban areas of the southwest United States. This primary goal will be achieved through the following tasks: (a) Compare commercially available irrigation sensors (soil moisture and ET based, ) with the SG-1000 Leaf Sensor for irrigation in urban landscapes. (b) Identify 'representative' plants in the southwest US that can be measured by the SG-1000 leaf sensor to most effectively manage irrigation schedules for arid and semi-arid urban landscapes. (c) Conduct a field study to demonstrate the utility of SG-1000 Leaf Sensors in large-urban landscapes such as golf courses or lawns in commercial settings.