Technical Research Engineering and Development DOE/NNSA/NSO contract (TREDS) - PI

Affiliation(s) PI Project period Funded by
DHS Chapman, Jeannette B 10/31/2011 - 10/30/2016 Department of Energy

Project Description

Comments during the Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement public meetings indicate that NNSA/NSO will benefit from better stakeholder understanding of the work and progress of the Environmental Restoration Program at the NNSS. Effective communication demands visual engagement, which for the information in question is best provided from a map platform. DRI and NI are proposing a scope of work to create, design, and implement this ER public interface web tool (hereafter referred to as the ER Portal). Ultimately, this platform can be used for information and public relations related to a wide range of NNSS activities and initiatives, but as a first step, the current statement of work is focused on a narrow objective. This objective is as follows: Launch a web-based graphical interface to present the location, status, and document links for ER projects at the NNSS. The teamwork is differentiated primarily between the development side, behind the NSO firewall, and the implementation side, outside the NSO firewall. N-I is the lead on the development work, compiling the data and links into an ArcGIS geodatabase. DRI is the lead on the implementation side, developing and hosting a public ER portal for NNSS data, based on ArcGIS Server Version 10 architecture. Though the largest effort involves launching the ER Portal, the scope includes maintenance and troubleshooting for the remainder of FY2012 and the beginning of FY2013.