Technical Research Engineering and Development DOE/NNSA/NSO contract (TREDS) - CEMP

Affiliation(s) PI Project period Funded by
DHS Chapman, Jeannette B 11/01/2011 - 10/31/2016 Department of Energy

Project Description

The contractor shall operate environmental monitoring sites and maintain technical cognizance on environmental monitoring results for soil, water, and air media both on and around the NNSS. As required in a TA, this support shall include: 3.3.1 Review of information on sampling approach, laboratory analysis, and interpretation of radiological and other constituent samples from springs, surface water, and groundwater, air, and soils. 3.3.2 Collect meteorological data, maintain environmental monitoring stations, and provide satellite and other telemetric means of collecting, interpreting, and disseminating data from the monitoring stations. 3.3.3 Maintain public access to monitoring results through resources such as the internet, mailings or postings, as well as reports, publications, and through presentations at public meetings. 3.3.4 Maintain and enhance the CEMP to provide assurance to the public about the potential impacts from ongoing activities on the NNSS, and as part of the offsite monitoring and radiological safety infrastructure for Test Execution. 3.3.5 Support enhancement of effectiveness of the CEMP through hiring and training local residents as ?Community Environmental Monitors? (CEMs), presenting public education forums and developing contacts with local officials. 3.3.6 Additional functions to be performed by the contractor for the CEMP include: Train and provide program oversight for CEMs. Plan and host training programs for CEMs as part of the CEMP. Maintain contacts and communications with community leaders. Perform program coordination activities. Coordinate and participate in public meetings and workshops. Provide technical maintenance and upgrades of environmental monitoring stations. Reporting as appropriate, including inputs to the Annual Site Environmental Report. 3.3.7 The contractor shall seek to combine the objectives of offsite monitoring and the CEMP with distance education initiatives as applicable.