Rainbow Wash Watershed study

Affiliation(s)PIProject periodFunded by
DHS Chen, Li 01/04/2011 - 10/31/2011 Maricopa County Flood Control Distrist

Project Description

A. Continue the Rainbow Wash Watershed study, which includes a. Assisting the DISTRICT with assigning Green and Ampt (G-A) parameters to the geomorphic units delineated; b. Reviewing FLO-2D model results prepared by the DISTRICT for the storm of August 9, 2005, based on the DRI optimized G-A parameters, the DISTRICT current G-A PTF, the Saxton and Rawls 2005 PTF, and the Rosetta PTF; c. After reviewing model results, potentially refine and simplify the DRI G-A optimization procedure for computing effective G-A parameters; B. Conduct hydrologic research in a comparison watershed with the following tasks: a. Selection of a second test watershed. the DISTRICT will provide data on several possible watersheds that are typical of the foothill areas of northern and central Maricopa County. DRI and the DISTRICT will agree on selection of a watershed that should have different soil texture properties than the Rainbow Wash watershed; b. Geomorphic classification. DRI will conduct geomorphic classification of the surface using GIS mapping and a rapid field verification at a comparison watershed; c. Rainfall simulation experiments. Based on the geomorphic mapping and in collaboration with the DISTRICT, DRI will choose experimental locations in the comparison watershed, conduct rainfall simulation experiments, and derive G-A infiltration parameters; d. Modeling analysis. DRI will assist the DISTRICT conducting watershed modeling analysis and validate the parameterization procedure for G-A model; C. Prepare a report of findings obtained through field work and modeling study.