Beaver Dam Well

Affiliation(s)PIProject periodFunded by
DHS Healey, John M. 02/09/2010 - 06/30/2010 State of Nevada - Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources

Project Description

The Desert Research Institute (DRI) shall provide hydrogeological consulting services to the State of Nevada, Department of Conservation, Division of State Parks relating to the feasibility of constructing a potable water well for the campground at Beaver Dam State Park in Lincoln County, Nevada. DRI shall review existing known maps, reports, or other peliinent information and make at least one site visit (in the company of Nevada Division of State Park staff in a State Park vehicle) to determine the feasibility of well construction at the project site and (if feasible) to mark drilling sites with the best potential to provide a successful potable water supply well. DRI shall make technical recommendation for drilling techniques and well construction. It is understood by the Division of State Parks that DRI will make recommendations based on experience and knowledge, and that these recommendations in no way constitute a guarantee of success in locating a potable well site.

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