Desert Soils Hydraulic Characterization Project

Affiliation(s)PIProject periodFunded by
DHS Young, Michael H 03/18/2009 - 10/31/2009 Maricopa County Flood Control Distrist

Project Description

1. The DRI, using funds and services provided by the DISTRICT and funds appropriated by the Congress of the United States through separate agreement with the USACE, shall expeditiously prosecute and complete the Study, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and Federal laws, regulations, and policies. a. Conduct geomorphic classification of the surface using GIS mapping and a rapid field verification at the Rainbow Wash site. Two other sites will be chosen in collaboration with DISTRICT. b. Based on the geomorphic mapping and in collaboration with DISTRICT, choose experimental locations and conduct Tension Infiltrometer and Rainfall Simulator experiments at the Rainbow Wash site. Use soil and hydraulic data from Rainbow Wash, and develop predictive relationships. Targeted hydrologic measurements will be made at sites located on two other watersheds to verify the transferability of the relationships from Rainbow Wash and to examine the predictability of the relationships. c. Apply existing and develop new data analysis approaches to analyze soil hydraulic parameters that are of interest to DISTRICT, including initial abstraction, Green-Ampt parameters, van Genuchten (vG) parameters, etc. Compare hydraulic parameter data obtained by DRI with those currently used by DISTRICT. d. Prepare a final report of findings and compare hydraulic properties (Curve Number, GA, and vG parameters) obtained through field work to those obtained through the general pedotransfer function.