Hydrologic Science Labs and Capabilities

Environmental Geochemistry Laboratory

The chemical interaction of water with mineral surfaces and natural soils is studied in this laboratory. The processes of mineral dissolution, precipitation, sorption and aqueous complexation are examined.

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Environmental Microbiology lab is a versatile platform supporting the study of microorganisms in the environment. 

Landfill Cover Design Capabilities

DRI is a leader in the field of waste containment research and design. Water balance covers (often called alternative or ET covers) offer the opportunity for excellent performance, reduced maintenance costs and better end land use.

Research Vessel Mt. Rose

The Mt. Rose is a 21-foot jet boat equipped with laboratory-grade water quality sensors used to study near shore water quality at Lake Tahoe.

SEPHAS: Scaling Environmental Processes in Heterogeneous Arid Soils

Nevada is a leader in arid ecosystem and subsurface science research using strong teams of researchers at UNLV, UNR, and DRI. Thus SEPHAS brings to Nevada a meso-scale research facility to further bridge existing eco-scale and laboratory (down to nano-scale) research efforts, giving Nevada unique capacity to address many basic scientific questions and address practical problems unique to Nevada and other arid and semi-arid states in the southwest.

Soil Characterization and Quaternary Pedology Laboratory

The DRI Soil Characterization Laboratory is a non-profit, self-funded analytical laboratory, which conducts a wide range of physical and chemical analyses on soils. Capabilities of this laboratory focus upon measuring soil properties that can enhance the evaluation of soil hydrologic conditions, the evaluation of current and past environmental conditions, and determination of the physiochemical processes and hydropedology of desert soils.

Trace Chemistry Laboratory

The Trace Chemistry laboratory is an EPA-certified trace metals lab with a mission to provide high quality trace and ultra-trace chemical and physical analyses of various environmental sample media for the faculty and staff of the DRI and its research programs.

Water Analysis Laboratory

DRI's Water Analysis Laboratory in Reno, Nevada, was established to provide reliable, high quality chemical analysis for environmental water samples. The laboratory has over 30 years of experience and provides analytical services for a wide variety of customers, including federal, local and state government agencies, private industry and other commercial laboratories.

Wellbore Logging Services

Hydrologic conditions vary as a function of depth in wells. DRI has developed several wellbore logging tools that can be used to identify zones where water may be flowing into or out of wells, and to measure vertical flow within wells.

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