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Great Basin Climate Forum Series 2014


The Great Basin Climate Forum covers recent and current climate conditions in the Great Basin. This spring, the Forum will focus on challenges facing the region in our third year of drought.

The Forum is intended for public and private resource managers and professionals, tribal members, and interested organizations. Attendance and lunch are free. 

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Great-Basin-Climate-Forum-Series-thbBy Tamara Wall Great-Basin-Climate-Forum---Current-Snowpack-and-Hydrology-thbBy Beau Uriona

Great-Basin-Weather-and-Climate Recap Summer-Prospects-thbBy Kelly Redmond

Nevada-State-Climate-Office-thbBy Douglas Boyle NRI Current-Assessment-thbBy Patti Novak-Echenique

The-USDA-Southwest-Climate-Hub-thbBy Jeanne Chambers

Variability-in-Climate-and-Fire-thb Wildfire-Smoke-and-Public-Health-thbBy Bernadette Longo