Giles Marion

Dr. Giles Marion: Professional Qualifications/CV

Dr. Giles Marion
Dr. Giles Marion

Title: Associate Research Professor
Affiliation: Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences
Location: DRI Reno
Phone: 775.673.7349

Professional Interests

Dr. Marion is currently refining a computer model known as FREZCHEM (FREeZing CHEMistry), which simulates and predicts the behavior of substances at extremely cold temperatures. His interest in thermodynamics led him to develop FREZCHEM, which allows researchers to look at and predict geochemical processes at sub-zero temperatures. The potential applications are numerous, including examining the possibility of life on other planets, mine reclamation in cold regions, gas hydrate stability in oceans, and commercial refrigeration processes.

Marion is currently working on a project for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), adding acid chemistry to the model to make it applicable to the behavior of acidic solutions in extremely cold conditions. This research will aid NASA’s understanding of Europa, a frigid moon of Jupiter where patches of ice and frozen sulfuric acid may overlay a briny ocean. Future work includes the use of FREZCHEM to examine microbial life in extreme environments, iron chemistry on Mars, and gas hydrate chemistry on Earth, Mars, and Europa.

Research Areas of Interest and Expertise

  • Soil Chemistry
  • Global Climate Change
  • Biogeochemical Process Modeling
  • Planetary Geochemistry

Research Projects


Ph.D. 1974 University of California, Berkeley Soil Chemistry
M.S. 1968 Syracuse University Forest Soils
B.S. 1965 Syracuse University Forestry
A.A.S. 1963 Paul Smith's College Forestry

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Selected Publications

Marion, G.M., J.S. Kargel, D.C. Catling, J.I. Lunine. 2012. Modeling ammonia-ammonium aqueous chemistries in the Solar System’s icy bodies. Icarus. (in press). 

Katz, A., A. Starinsky, G.M. Marion. 2011. Saline waters in basement rocks of the Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa. Chem. Geology. 289:163-170.

Marion, G.M., F.J. Millero, M.F. Camões, P. Spitzer, R. Feistel, C-T,A. Chen. 2011. pH of seawater. Marine Chemistry. 126:89-96.

Thomson, B.J., N.T. Bridges, R. Milliken, A. Baldridge, S.. Hook, J.K. Crowley, G.M. Marion, C.R. de Souza Filho, A.J. Brown, C.M. Weitz. 2011. Constraints on the origin and evolution of the layered mound in Gale Crater, Mars using Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter data. Icarus. 214:413-432.

Marion, G.M., D.C. Catling, J.K. Crowley, and J.S. Kargel. 2011. Modeling hot spring chemistries with applications to Martian silica formation. Icarus. 212:629-642.

Wright, D.G., R. Pawlowicz, T.J. McDougall, R. Feistel, and G.M. Marion. 2011. Absolute Salinity, “Density Salinity” and the Reference-Composition Salinity Scale: present and future use in the seawater standard TEOS-10. Ocean Science. 7:1-26. 

Feistel, R., G.M. Marion, R. Pawlowicz, and D.G. Wright. 2010. Thermophysical property anomalies of Baltic seawater. Ocean Science. 6:949-981.

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Feistel, R., D.G. Wright, D.R. Jackett, K. Miyagawa, J.H. Reissmann, W. Wagner, U. Overhoff, C. Guder, A. Feistel, and G.M. Marion. 2010. Numerical implementation and oceanographic application of the thermodynamic potentials of liquid water, water vapour, ice, seawater and humid air – Part 1:  Background and equations. Ocean Science. 6:633-677. 

IOC, SCOR, and IAPSO. 2010. The international thermodynamic equation of seawater – 2010: Calculation and use of thermodynamic properties. International Oceanographic Commission, Manuals and Guides No. 56, UNESCO(English), 196 pp. (1 of 11 writers from SCOR/IAPSO Working Group 127).

Marion, G.M., D.C. Catling, K.J. Zahnle, and M.W. Claire. 2010. Modeling aqueous perchlorate chemistries with applications to Mars. Icarus. 207:675-686.

Marion, G.M., M.V. Mironenko, and M.W. Roberts. 2010. FREZCHEM: A geochemical model for cold aqueous environments. Computers & Geosciences. 36:10-15.

Marion, G.M., F.J. Millero, and R. Feistel. 2009. Precipitation of solid phase calcium carbonates and their effect on application of seawater SA-T-P Models. Ocean Science. 5:285-291.

Marion, G.M., D.C. Catling, and J.S. Kargel. 2009. Br/Cl partioning in chloride minerals in the Burns formation on Mars. Icarus. 200:436-445.

Marion, G.M., J.K. Crowley, B.J. Thomson, J.S. Kargel, N.T. Bridges, S.J. Hook, A. Baldridge, A.J. Brown, B. Ribeiro da Luz, C.R. de Souza Filho. 2009. Modeling aluminum-silicon chemistries and application to Australian acidic playa lakes as analogues for Mars. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta. 73:3493-3511.

Schlesinger, W.H., J. Belnap, and G.M. Marion. 2008. On carbon sequestration in desert ecosystems. Global Change Biology. 15:1488-1490.

Marion, G.M., P.S.J. Verburg, B. Stevenson, and J.A. Arnone. 2008. Soluble element distributions in a Mojave Desert soil.  Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J.  72:1815-1823.

Morin, S., G. Marion, R. von Glasow, D. Voisin, J. Bouchez, and J. Savarino. 2008.  Precipitation of salts in freezing seawater and ozone depletion events: A status report.  Atmos. Chem. Phys. 8:7317-7324.

*Marion, G.M., P.S.J. Verburg, E.V. McDonald, and J.A. Arnone. 2008. Modeling salt movement through a Mojave Desert soil. J. Arid Environments. 72:1009-1030. 

*Marion, G.M., J.S. Kargel, and D.C. Catling. 2008. Modeling ferrous-ferric iron chemistry with application to Martian surface geochemistry. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta.  72:242-266.

*Marion, G.M. and J.S. Kargel. 2008. Cold Aqueous Planetary Geochemistry with FREZCHEM: From Modeling to the Search for Life at the Limits. Springer. 

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Marion, G.M. and D. Schulze-Makuch. 2007. Astrobiology and the search for life in the Universe.  pp. 351-358. In: C. Gerday and N. Glansdorff (eds.).  Physiology and Biochemistry of Extremophiles. ASM Press, Washington, DC.

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