Great Basin Paleoenvironmental Database

Kenneth D. Adams
Joanna L. Redwine

Click to see an example of the GBPED as viewed with Google Earth.Click to see an example of the GBPED as viewed with Google Earth.The Great Basin Paleoenvironmental Database (GBPED) is a collection of paleoenvironmental literature that focuses on the hydrologic Great Basin. More specifically, we have compiled the references and abstracts (if available) of peer-reviewed literature on pluvial lakes, rivers, alluvial fans, past glaciers, and other systems that record the natural history of the Great Basin. For each of these studies we have done our best to locate them properly, but oftentimes detailed location information or maps were lacking. Therefore, we realize that there are some errors and inaccuracies associated with some of the locations and ask for your help in fixing these. If you notice a location error, please contact us and provide the proper location (e.g., lat-long, decimal degrees, > four decimal places) and it will be fixed. In addition, we realize that we have likely missed some publications that should be in this database. Again, please alert us to any omissions and we will include them in future updates.


Click to see a detail view of the GBPED as viewed with Google Earth.Click to see a detail view of the GBPED as viewed with Google Earth.Install Google Earth and then download the kml file below to your hard drive. Click on a location marker on the screen to view the entry or double click on a reference listed under the GBPED to “fly” to a particular study location.

Alternatively, you can download the Excel spreadsheet that includes the data and either view it directly or load it into ArcGIS for viewing. Editorializing has been kept to a minimum so that each person using this information can make their own decisions about the relevance of the data for their purposes. The GBPED is intended to be a "living" database where additional data are added as they become available, so check back periodically for updates.

Download the GBPED Files
File Name File Type Last Updated Size
GBPED_25SEPT13.kml Google KML 25 September 2013 2.1 MB
GBPED_25SEPT13.xlsx MS Excel 25 September 2013 527 KB

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