Dr. Gabrielle Boisrame

Postdoctoral Fellow
ecohydrology, wildfire, land use, water resources, modeling, statistics

Professional Interests:

The majority of Dr. Boisrame's research focuses on the interactions between wildfire, land cover, and water in mountain regions of the Western USA. Since 2013 she has been using a combination of fieldwork, remote sensing, and hydrological modeling to explore how managing natural wildfire in landscapes can improve water resources and forest health.

Before coming to DRI, she worked as an environmental scientist for the Delta Stewardship Council, a California State Agency. In this position, she studied adaptive management strategies and calculated large-scale water budgets.

Other areas of interest include consumptive use calculations, restoration of wetlands and streams, and groundwater resource management.


B.A. Applied Mathematics, Minor in Chemistry Whitman College, 2010
M.S. Environmental Engineering UC Berkeley, 2012
Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, Minors in Statistics and Numerical Analysis UC Berkeley, 2016

Doctoral Dissertation: Wildfire Effects on the Ecohydrology of a Sierra Nevada Watershed. 2016.


Boisrame, Gabrielle, Sally Thompson, Christina (Naomi) Tague, and Scott Stephens. Restoring a Natural Fire Regime Alters the Water Balance of a Sierra Nevada Catchment. Water Resources Research55: 5751-5769. 2019.

Ariyama, Jiro, Gabrielle Boisrame, and Marina Brand. A water budget for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Watershed: Putting together the many disparate pieces. San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Sciences 17(2). 2019.

Boisrame, Gabrielle, Sally Thompson, and Scott Stephens. Hydrologic responses to restored wildfire regimes revealed by soil moisture-vegetation relationships. Advances in Water Resources 112: 1242-146. 2018.

Boisrame, Gabrielle, Sally Thompson, Maggi Kelly, Julia Cavalli, Kate Wilkin, and Scott Stephens. Vegetation Change During 40 Years of Repeated Managed Wildfires in the Sierra Nevada, California. Forest Ecology and Management 402:241-252. 2017.

Boisrame, Gabrielle, Sally Thompson, Brandon Collins, and Scott Stephens. Managed wildfire effects on forest resilience and water in the Sierra Nevada. Ecosystems 20:717-732. 2017.

Dralle, David, Gabrielle Boisrame and Sally Thompson. Spatially variable water table recharge and the hillslope hydrologic response: Analytical solutions to the linearized hillslope Boussinesq equation. Water Resources Research 50:8515-8530. 2014.


Boisrame, Gabrielle, Frank Dunnivant and Albert Schueller. The Dispersion Calculator. Free educational software for estimating dispersion coefficients from laboratory data. <http://people.whitman.edu/~dunnivfm/software.html>. 2010.

Boisrame, Gabrielle. wgnMaker. Excel Macro which prepares data for the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model. <https://swat.tamu.edu/software/>. 2010.

Selected Presentations:

Boisrame, Gabrielle. Resilience Through Disturbance: Wildfires Role in Maintaining Yosemites Meadows. Sierra Meadows Partnership Annual Gathering. Invited Oral Presentation. Graegle, CA, 2019.

Boisrame, Gabrielle. The State of Upper Watershed Hydrology in California. University of California ANR Conference. Invited Oral Presentation. Ontario, CA, 2018.

Boisrame, Gabrielle. Water and Wildfires: How returning fire to the mountain landscape affects rivers, snowpack, and forest health. Yosemite Forum Seminar. Yosemite National Park, CA, 2018.

Boisrame, Gabrielle. Restoring wildfire to the Sierra Nevada: Impacts on water resources and drought response. California Fire Science Consortium Webinar. 2017.

Boisrame, Gabrielle, Sally Thompson, Scott Stephens, Brandon Collins, Maggi Kelly, and Naomi Tague. Effects of a restored fire regime on forest resilience and water in Yosemite National Park. Reclaiming the Sierra Conference. Invited Oral Presentation. Sacramento, CA, 2017.

Boisrame, Gabrielle, Sally Thompson, Scott Stephens, Brandon Collins, and Naomi Tague. Is Managed Wildfire Protecting Yosemite National Park from Drought? American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. Oral Presentation. San Francisco, CA, 2016.

Boisrame, Gabrielle, Sally Thompson, Scott Stephens, Brandon Collins, and Naomi Tague. Managed Wildfire Effects on the Ecohydrology of the Illilouette Creek Basin, Yosemite National Park. 3rd Southwest Fire Ecology Conference. Oral Presentation. Tucson, AZ, 2016.

Boisrame, Gabrielle, Sally Thompson, Scott Stephens, and Brandon Collins. Managed Wildfire Effects on the Drought Resilience of Yosemites Illilouette Creek Basin. Natural Areas Conference. Oral Presentation. Davis, CA, 2016.

Boisrame, Gabrielle, Sally Thompson, Scott Stephens, Brandon Collins, and Naomi Tague. Resilience through Disturbance: Effects of Wildfire on Vegetation and Water Balance in the Sierra Nevadas. Poster Presentation GC33E-1337. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 2015.

Boisrame, Gabrielle, Scott Stephens, and Sally Thompson. Seeing the Forest Without the Trees: Long-term influence of wildfire on the ecohydrology of a mountain watershed. Oral Presentation. Gordon Research Conference on Catchment Science, Andover, NH, 2015.

Boisrame, Gabrielle and Sally Thompson. Using Seasonal Changes to Explore Vegetations Influence on Streamflow Generation. Oral Presentation H13N-02. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 2013.

Fremier, Alex, Gabrielle Boisrame, and Evan Girvetz. How Will the Hydrograph Change in Predicted Future Climates? Poster GC21A-0734. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 2009.

Boisrame, Gabrielle and Elizabeth Townsend. Trincheras: Use of Rock Dams for Private Stream Restoration. Whitman Undergraduate Conference, Walla Walla, WA, 2009.

In The News:

A song of water and fire, part two. Alex Hoeft. Moonshine Ink.https://moonshineink.com/tahoe-news/part-2-a-song-of-water-and-fire/?fbclid=IwAR004HmXllMnu1o4ZGwwTAe3ja4k4E1YxdxEuQT4pFZwuFoF7yusWXIdEAM

Fighting fire with fire benefits forests, watersheds. Kevin Schultz. San Francisco Chronicle. https://www.sfchronicle.com/science/article/Fighting-fire-with-fire-benefits-forests-6721955.php

Publications & Presentations


Ariyama, J., Boisramé, G., Brand, M. R. (2019). Water Budgets for the Delta Watershed: Putting Together the Many Disparate Pieces, San Francisco Estuary & Watershed Science, 17, (2), doi: 10.15447/sfews.2019v17iss2art2 June 17, 2019
Boisramé, G., Thompson, S., Tague, C., Stephens, S. (2019). Restoring a Natural Fire Regime Alters the Water Balance of a Sierra Nevada Catchment, Water Resources Research, doi: 10.1029/2018WR024098




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