Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday is a day to come together to support environmental science research at DRI and discover solutions for our changing planet.

#GivingTuesday is a global giving movement that celebrates generosity, collaboration, and community on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. 

On #GivingTuesday 2019, our community members came together to raise funds for the Innovation Research Program (IRP). We're so grateful for the continued support! You can still contribute to the Innovation Research Program with an online donation.


Precipitation gauge maintenance March 2019 Jesse JuchtzerPatrick Melarkey, DRI field technician, collects data from a precipitation gauge overlooking Lake Tahoe. Credit: Jesse Juchtzer, DRI researcher.

How can you make a difference for DRI science on GivingTuesday?

Give: Please make a gift to support the DRI scientists working to improve the health and wellness of our communities and the natural systems we all depend on. Every dollar donated this year will go directly to the Innovation Research Program, which provides DRI faculty, students, and staff with the financial resources they need to pursue groundbreaking new projects. 

Share: Tell people! This is a movement, and the more people who know about GivingTuesday, the bigger impact we can make on the future of environmental science. If you give, let your friends and family know. If you can’t give, share the information with people you know who may not have heard about it yet to encourage them to give! Sharing this day with others is what will make it the most impactful.

Celebrate: Stay connected with us on social media while we share stories of local scientists conducting innovative new research projects thanks to the support of donors like you. Tag us in posts using @DRIscience and #DiscoverDRI and share why you believe in supporting science. We’ll be celebrating along with you and our community of supporters.


Photo Apr 24 3 15 10 PMDRI researchers collect water samples from Lake Tahoe to look for microplastic pollution.

Thanks in part to past #GivingTuesday donors, seed grants were awarded to eight teams of DRI researchers through the IRP last year. These scientists are examining some of our most pressing environmental problems, like the efficiency of solar energy production and the impact of microplastics in freshwater. 

With the support of donors like you, DRI scientists are: 

  • Tracking snow droughts in the Western US to improve water resource management
  • Designing systems to test e-cigarettes for harmful chemical emissions
  • Developing techniques to analyze human health impacts of air pollutants
  • Investigating microplastic pollution in Nevada’s freshwater
  • Applying hydrologic sciences to make advances in tumor treatment
  • Advancing technologies to improve the reliability of solar energy 
  • Developing new tools to study and predict dust emissions
  • Examining connections between fire and groundwater to enhance wildfire prediction

Learn more about these projects on the #BehindTheScience blog

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