• Suppliers Diversity Program Statement

The Nevada System of Higher Education and the Desert Research Institute (DRI) recognizes the benefit of creating an equal opportunity for all vendors to participate in the Institute’s procurement process, and is committed to diversity and non-discrimination in its business operations. Accordingly, DRI will make a good faith effort to utilize Minority Business Enterprises, Women Business Enterprises, Disabled Business Enterprises, Veteran/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises, and Small Business Enterprise throughout the procurement process. This effort does not equate to a quota or set percentage. All efforts to contact and engage small, minority, disabled, veteran, and women vendors will be fair and impartial.

In accordance with Nevada Law, no preference will be given to any business group or classification. The Vendor Diversity Program has been created, however, to ensure that small, minority, veteran, disabled, and women owned businesses have the unimpeded ability to compete in the bidding process and to do business with DRI.

  • Supplier Diversity Program Goals

The Supplier Diversity Program’s main objectives include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • For goods and services that require a formal solicitation, recognition will be given to the vendor business classification as specified by the submitter on the Invitation to Bid Form.
  • Proposers will be encouraged to submit a plan identifying primary and second-tier vendors that are small, minority, disabled, veteran, or women owned business concerns to be used for the commodity or service being bid.
  • When subcontractors are utilized, primary vendors will be encouraged to demonstrate, in their bid proposal, that they attempted to obtain bids from small, minority, disabled, veteran, or women owned business where applicable.
  • For purchase orders issued below the bidding threshold, the utilization of a diverse vendor base will be an objective facilitated by the purchasing staff.
  • Periodic transaction reporting will be conducted to monitor the success of DRI’s efforts in partnering with a diverse base of vendors.

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