The EHS office works with the staff and faculty of Desert Research Institute to provide a safe and healthful workplace. EHS develops and implements various programs in order to minimize the risk of occupationally related injury or illness. This is accomplished through integrated steps of hazard identification, evaluation, and control, employee training and incident/accident investigation. In addition, EHS is a resource for information and technical guidance on occupational safety and environmental health information, work practices, regulations, etc. Please feel free to contact us regarding any safety questions.

Below are links to DRI documentation related to workplace safety.  You can search the list for a keyword by using Ctrl + F.

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Occupational Safety Information

 White boxAsbestos Management Plan - See Environmental Management
pdf icon Back Safety and Other Lifting Tips
pdf icon Cart/Utility Vehicle Safety Program
Chemical Safety
White boxhtml icon Chemical Hygiene Plan
White boxpdf icon Chemicals: Storage, Handling and Use - See the Lab Safety Information page
White boxpdf icon Chemicals: Transporting/Moving
White boxpdf icon Hazard Communication Program
pdf icon Confined Spaces
pdf icon Crane and Hoist Safety
pdf icon Energy Control (Lockout/Tagout) (online training also available)
White box Ergonomic Assessment - See the Workstation Setup Evaluation Form on the EH&S Forms page
pdf icon Exposure Control Plan (Bloodborne Pathogens Policy)
pdf icon Fall Protection Guidelines
pdf icon Fire Prevention Plan
White box Forms - See EH&S Forms page for inspection forms, shop authorization requests, etc.
White box Hazard Assessment forms - See the EH&S Forms page
White box Hazard Communication Program - See the Chemical Safety section above
 White boxHazardous Waste Guidelines and Practices - See Environmental Management
pdf icon Hot Work Permit Program
White box Inspection forms - See the EH&S Forms page
White box Lockout/Tagout - See Energy Control above
pdf icon Machine Shop Safety Rules
pdf icon Personal Protective Equipment Levels - Descriptions (OSHA)
html icon Pesticides: Click here for a list of resources
pdf icon Pests: Integrated Pest Management Plan - See Environmental Management
pdf icon Powered Industrial Truck Operations
White boxhtml icon Respirators: OSHA Regulations (Mandatory) Information for Employees Using Respirators When not Required Under Standard.  1910.134 App D (See EH&S Links page for link)
pdf icon Respiratory Protection Program
pdf icon Soldering Guidelines (lead and other solder types)
pdf icon Tool Safety - Hand Tools
pdf icon Tool Safety - Power Tools
White box Tower Safety - See Field Safety
pdf icon Wood & General Shop Safety Rules

Numerous additional resources are available here.